Ships are what you use to battle, move around and get resources from.

They are purchased with antimatter and they can be sold for gold.

There are 4 main types of ship, Battleships, Carriers, Destroyers, and Cruisers.

Battleships have a high amount of turrets, sacrificing all fighter slots and a few tech mod spots for more turrets. Battleships are also less likely to have more room for extra crew members. Battleships are crucial for quick battles, but are weak in their ability to avoid and take damage, unless assisted by a secondary (speed, health) or tertiary (shields, repair modules, etc.) defensive qualities.

Carriers have more fighter slots then the other classes, often having only 1 or 2 defensive turrets. Carriers are often required to rely on on high health, high speed, tech mods, or powerful fighters or bombers to avoid getting overpowered by a battleship-class or destroyer-class ship.

Destroyers are the most customizable class of starships, due to their ability to equip a larger amount of tech mods (usually 4 or more). Due to the wide variety of tech mods available, destroyer-class starships can differ greatly depending on the user's preference. Although this quality is helpful, destroyer-class starships can be blindsided quickly due to their lack of fighter hangars and low amount of turrets, so be sure to be wary of any battleship-class or cruiser-class starships that may sneak up from the rear.

Cruisers are the most common and user-friendly class of starship. Cruiser-class starships are excellent for beginners, due to their varied armament of turrets, fighters, tech mods, and crew members. They are also great for customization, and can be equipped to suit a wide variety of needs. Beware of the below-average maximum damage-per-second possibility, sacrificed due to the amount of accessibility that the cruiser-class starships are known for.