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Plundernauts by Backflip Studios

What is PlunderNauts?Edit

PlunderNauts is an iOS game developed by Backflip Studios and released on June 18, 2014. In the game, you play as a space pirate aided by your robotic parrot, P.O.L.L.Y. and you fight other pirates throughout the galaxy to earn plunder, upgrade your starship, and ultimately, find Ironbeard's legendary treasure.

"Prepare for war, Captain! The unique combat gameplay in PlunderNauts™ is fast, easy-to-play and explosively fun! Pulverizing pirates with a fully-customizable starship never felt so good!
Did we mention the epic booty?!
The legend of Ironbeard is known throughout the Universe. For centuries, the cyborg pirate Ironbeard pillaged and plundered vast riches from countless galaxies. Now, greedy space pirates wage war across the cosmos, searching for Ironbeard’s Treasure.
And you, are a very...greedy...pirate!"

-Apple App Store Description

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