The forge

Mechanism for creating and upgrading various items.

You can specify what sort of item you want e.g. Turrets, fighters and bombers, techmods, and other materials but the specific item cannot be determined.

To make items in the forge you need to add 3 items together and then the price will be shown in gold (please note if the items do not fit together then the items will be greyed)

Then you will have to wait for the forge to finish but you can speed it up with antimatter.

Please note, you can also purchase additional forges by clicking on the plus tab next to the green one. Forges cost antimatter.

Second forge tab: 350 antimatter

Third forge tab: 750 antimatter

Fourth forge tab: 1500 antimatter

Note: All forge results will appear as level 1 (all materials) or player level (turrets, techmods, fighters. ship upgrades)

Note: Slot order does not matter.

Materials RecipesEdit

Most materials forging costs 450 Gold.

Result Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Time to Completion
Components Glittering Clusters Aetherfield Refined coppertanium
Refined Coppertanium Coppertanium Coppertanium Coppertanium 10s
Coppertanium sheeting Refined Coppertanium Refined Coppertanium Refined Coppertanium 4h
Refined thermalite Thermalite Thermalite Thermalite 10s
Thermalite sheeting Refined Thermalite Refined Thermalite Refined Thermalite 4h
Refined Danatanium Danatanium Ore Danatanium Ore Danatanium Ore 10s
Danatanium Sheeting Refined Danatanium Refined Danatanium Refined Danatanium 4h
Random ore (Danatanium, thermalite, coppertanium) Battle Scrap Battle Scrap Battle Scrap 5s
Spare Parts Coppertanium ore Thermalite Danatanium
Big Spare Parts Spare Parts Spare Parts Spare Parts
Singularity Optics Singularity Shard Singularity Shard Singularity Shard 4h
Glittering Optics Glittering Clusters Glittering Clusters Glittering Clusters 4h
Comet Optics Comet Crystals Comet Crystals Comet Crystals 4h
Aetherfield Tank Aetherfield Aetherfield Aetherfield 4h
Poltergas Tank Poltergas Poltergas Poltergas 4h
Hull Plating Refined thermalite Refined coppertanium Refined Danatanium
Gravity Plasma Drum Gravity Plasma Gravity Plasma Gravity Plasma 4h
Quantum Soda Drum Quantum Soda Quantum Soda Quantum Soda 4h

Techmod RecipesEdit

Result Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3
Shield Module Aetherfield Singularity Shard Field Generator
Repair Module Nanite Chamber Xenohorn Components
Random Tactical Techmod Tactical Panel Components Any material*
Hardwired Techmod Hardwiring kit Components Any material*
Blaster Armor Hull Plating Blaster turret Blaster turret#
Missile Armor Hull Plating  Missile turret Missile turret#
Beam Armor Hull Plating  Beam turret Beam turret#
Cannon Armor Hull Plating  Cannon turret Cannon turret#
Torpedo Armor Hull Plating  Torpedo turret Torpedo turret#


Repair Module

Repair Module Repair Module Repair Module


Shield Module

Shield Module Shield Module Shield Module



3x Armor of identical type 

(beam, blaster, cannon, missile, torpedo)

  • Compound Materials such as Optics, Drums, Tanks, and Sheeting typically result in uncommon, rare, or epic results. Common materials (comet crystals) that are unforged typically result in common results.
  1. Using uncommon, rare or epic turrets increases the chances of uncommon, rare or epic results for armor.

Fighter/Bomber RecipesEdit

Result Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3
Random Fighter/Bomber Fighter Engines Components Spare Parts
Uncommon/Rare/Epic fighters Fighter Fighter Fighter
Uncommon/Rare/Epic bombers Bomber Bomber Bomber
  • Mixing three uncommon/rare/epic bombers increases the chances of uncommon/rare/epic results.

Turret RecipesEdit

Result Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3
Random Turret Targeting Module Components Any material
Uncommon/Rare/Epic turret 3x identical type turrets (beam, missile, torpedo, cannon, blaster)
Armor  See Techmod Reci