Starships are the entire basis of the game. From your starship you will move around and plunder, therefore choosing a ship that will compliment your play style is essential. They are purchased with a large quantity antimatter and they can be sold for gold or combined with two other ships to forge a new and more powerful ship, which will be an uncommon at the least.

There are four types of ship, these are battleships, carriers, destroyers and cruisers.

Battleships possess the highest health and deal damage by turret slots. They are able to take more damage than most other types of ships, however they often are slow and have few tech slots.

Carriers center around using fighters to deal their damage. There are two types of fighters, bombers and fighters. Bombers deal large amounts of damage but can only target ships, Fighters deal less damage but can target enemy craft and ships. It is usually best to have a mixture of both, as if an enemy craft gains an air superiority, your craft is no longer effective.

Destroyers have far weaker health than a Battleship, they make up for this by having far more weapons and maneuverability. They also have a great deal of tech slots. One common tactic is to fill these all with repair and shield modules to compensate for the weaker hull.

Crusiers are a combination of the other three categories. They have a small number of fighter bays and medium hull strength. They are useful for beginners or people who do not want to be restricted as much by a ship category.

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